Monday, October 20, 2014

The best thing... A new investigator

This week has been pretty good, but it has been one of the hardest ones for me in a while. Not a lot happened this week but we had some pretty cool experiences with some new investigators that we found. I don´t know why exactly this week has been so tough, but I know that when I was at my lowest points, the Lord did and does comfort me. I am grateful for all the advice that I have received from others on how to make this mission the best one for me, and I strive myself every day to improve what I´m doing or thinking to make this mission the best for me. The words of my cousin Cam, come to my mind as I am trying to have this mission change me to the person I want to become, but as he said in a letter to me, "The mission isn´t about me, the mission is about the Lord, and helping Him with the work that He has prepared for me." That has been some of the greatest advice, especially when I´ve been down. There are countless scriptures that say that the Lord will comfort and bless the lowly in heart and the humble, and that the Lord will always prepare a way for people to do what he has commanded of them. I can testify that those things are true and my testimony in them and in him grow every day.

I thought about and have talked to Elder Casperson about how our days of teenagers and messing around are all gone. Haha it is a sad thought but I know that it had to come sometime. The scripture 1 Corinthians 13:11 hits hard, and if you know anyone who is still immature and childish and is older, you can give that scripture to them as what we call down here in Chile, "a palo":)

I had the opportunity to see one of the young men in the ward open his mission call this week, it was awesome! He is going to Buenos Aires North Mission! It was so weird watching someone open their mission call while on the mission, and they do it a lot different than I was accustomed to. It was also all in Spanish, only a little different than mine.

We came across an old lady this week who literally couldn´t understand me for anything. I practically yelled in the clearest voice I could, "Puedo pasar por su baƱo?" like 5 times before she caught the drift that I needed to use her bathroom haha but she was a very nice lady but a little crazy.

Okay now for the best thing that happened this week. We had found a new investigator, Patricia, a week ago and we stopped by her house this week. She had been very nice and we thought she could be a good investigator. When we stopped by this time, her daughter was with her. We taught them both the first lesson and it went really well.  At the end when we asked them if they were to receive an answer to their prayers that this is the true church of Jesus Christ, what would they do.  They started to cry, and then Patricia preceded to tell us that she had seen us the day we first contacted her walking in the street earlier, and if we were to knock on her door that day she would know that we were sent from God to her. Well we had. While both crying, they accepted to be baptized if they received an answer. One thing that I think is so cool about missionaries in this church is that all we ask the people to do is to pray to receive an answer that this is the true church, no forcing or anything, also that we can promise that if they pray with a sincere heart and true intention that they will receive an answer. It makes the investigators know that they are receiving this answer for themselves and no one else. 

With everything else in the mission, we continue to play soccer every Saturday morning, it stinks haha only because I stink at it. I find myself thinking about playing ANY other sport, especially lacrosse, miss it more than anything.

I have received some good life advice from my mamita, who literally has the greatest look on life I have found in Chile. If someone really wants to change, they can. We continue to teach Chileans English slang, so funny. I think that that is it for this week.

Shout out to my Grandma and Grandpa Pease for sending the first letter I have received, it was amazing. Also thank you to everyone else who now has sent one. I love all of you guys, especially the ones who actually read this because that means you actually miss me;) Just kidding but really I hope all continues to go well at home, you are in my prayers.

Elder Clay

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