Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tithing, Prayer, Holy Ghost

Mi queridos familia y amigos,

Another week in Chile has come and gone. The weeks are starting to go by really fast and it is scaring me a little because I don’t want this mission to go by too fast haha never thought I would be saying that, well there it is. This week has been pretty good I have had a couple experiences that made me realize things and learn more so it’s been pretty good.

I first want to tell you guys a little bit about what I did last p day.  So we went as a zone up to Vilcun where this member has property. It was incredibly beautiful and it was a very secluded place. Trees all around, a river that was sick, field to play sports, it was way cool. I played lacrosse with Elder Parkin for a long time which was way fun, then me and two other elders went on an adventure. It was kind of scary, I thought we were lost for a little bit haha but it was all good. While we were up there we also filmed a movie type thing for our zone’s presentation at the Christmas reunion for the missionaries. It was named A Stolen Christmas . Which was pretty much the Grinch and Venom vs Santa Claus, Spider-Man and Iron Man. It was pretty sweet. I hit the five month mark in the mission which is pretty crazy to think, also that I get to see my family on Skype in a couple of weeks!

The start of this week was so hot it was ridiculous but at the end of the week it was pouring rain. Pretty weird climate we have here in Chile but I think that Utah’s is still weirder. We were in Centro, which is pretty much the city part of Temuco, and there came a rush of a million people down the streets pushing shopping carts or things that they sell their fruit or other items, running full blast down the street. It was quite the sight to see haha. Apparently they were the people who don’t pay taxes on the stuff they were selling and that day the police had been going around collecting all their stuff, so they were running away. Pretty crazy.

This week I have had a couple experiences that really impacted me. The first is we taught Patricia and Paulina about tithing. They understood it and all but they said that there was absolutely no way that they could pay it because they are so tight with money. I tried to explain that the Lord always provides a way for his children to complete the commandments he has given. I gave her 1 Nephi 3:7 to read and hopefully something touches her heart because that is the only thing that is stopping them from being baptized. But after that lesson I was thinking about how grateful and lucky I am. I have always had an amazing house, food, family, basic things of life and even more. And there are people living, struggling in everyday life with those things. It hit me really hard how blessed I am and for that I am happy I am here serving this people in whatever manner I can.

Another thing that happened was we were walking and we passed a girl who was crying. We stopped her and asked if there was anything that we could do for her. She said no but we continued to talk to her and we found out that she had just been dumped by her boyfriend and was fighting with her family so she had no place to go. We tried to comfort her but nothing seemed to be working. I started to talk to her about past things in my life and how I have received comfort and help through prayer and the holy ghost. We talked about how she was a daughter of God and how there is always one person who will love us. At the end I think that she felt a lot better and a little comforted. It was an amazing experience.

I’m out of time but I just want to say thank you to everyone for  the support and I hope that everything is going well at home.

Elder Clay

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