Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Advice and Instruction

Hey guys, this week in Temuco went really well, lots of rain and cold but I had the opportunity to work with a bunch of different people so I enjoyed it a lot!  I started off the week with an exchange that we did throughout the entire zone.  I got put with a missionary named Elder Gomez, which we had a very good time together!  This is his first sector in the mission, he has about 4 weeks in the mission, he is from Argentina.  He was a DJ and a clown for work before his mission.  It’s pretty funny because he doesn’t seem anything like that, he’s a very chill, laid back guy.  We were working in his sector and it’s pretty hard to work in a sector when he is so new to it.  However we managed it pretty well and were able to contact the people we had appointments with and all that.  It reminded me a lot of when I did an exchange with Elder Parkin when we both were so new to our missions, that was a fun time.  For being so new Elder Gomez is a really good teacher and missionary, so we dominated the sector! J

The house for the missionaries in his sector is ridiculous, it’s so nice, it reminded me of houses in the United States!  You could say I’m pretty jealous of them.  I enjoyed talking to Elder Douglas who also lives there, all night about a bunch of things.  He ends his mission in two weeks and I always love to talk to people who have that much time, because I can ask for advice and experience.  He gave me a lot of advice and helped me out a ton with some other things.  He’s a very impressive and chill missionary in everything he does and he live in Utah so we will be homies after the mission.  I will also add that he is the second funniest person I’ve ever met. 

Another thing that happened this week is the Assistants to the President came and worked with us in our sector!  We worked with Elder Catschke which was a lot of fun even though we contacted almost the entire day.  He only has one cambio left in his mission so it was cool to be able to talk to him.  He was companions with my Dad in the mission, Elder Casperson (my first companion) so we had a fun time talking and laughing about him.

In the night both the Assistants sat me down and had a talk with me haha I was pretty taken back.  They talked to me a lot about my mission and the reasons why I am put where I am.  They also gave me a lot of advice.  I feel like I received so much advice this week, I’m overwhelmed haha but I’m good, learning a lot.

So pretty much my entire week consisted of working hard with different people and having a lot of talks, receiving advice and help.  People say that you can learn something from every person you work with so I really try and apply this to everyone I meet.  But I have realized a lot on the mission that things come with time and life requires patience.  I have devoted myself to trying to serve the people I am with in this moment and learn from them.  I realize that I am where I am for a reason and how I respond to the situation is up to me. 

To end this week I am going to share a scripture that Elder Douglas shared with me.  It’s Romans 8:38-39.  Some of the truest and best verses in the scriptures that I have ever read.  For me, life is very hard to understand and sometimes it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  But I always seem to find, at the lowest point where I’m about to give up, something keeps me going,  I like to think and I believe that it is the love from our Heavenly Father.  He is at our side.  You all are in my prayers.  Miss and love you all.  Have a good week!
Love Elder Clay

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