Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Elder Pinto, Seminary Graduation and other Experiences

Hello everybody,

This week was a pretty chill week and it went by really fast.  Time has been flying lately and I can hardly believe that we are already in the middle of November.  This week was the last week of the transfer and we found out the transfers today, but I will talk about that at the end. 

This week started off with an exchange and I was with a missionary named Elder Pinto.  He is from Argentina and has about 6 months in the mission.  I don’t know if you guys know this but all the countries below the United States that speak Spanish all have their little accents.  Everyone speaks Spanish buy someone from Peru speaks with a different accent then someone from Argentina.  Anyway, Elder Pinto has one of the strongest Argentinian accents that I have ever heard.  We had a really good time together on the exchange.  We had one of the best lessons that I have ever had on my mission, the people we taught were so receptive and had the best questions and doubts.  It’s always hard leaving from exchanges like that because even though I only met a family once, I have such great desires that they can progress and I want to be a part of it.  However, I know Elder Pinto and his companion will do a good job with them. 

Also, the last district meeting of the transfer was cool, our district leader asked all of us to share our testimonies like we would in a sacrament meeting.  It was really awesome to hear the testimonies of all the missionaries in a form like that. I shared Ether 12:4 because that is pretty much what my testimony is based on, I don’t know how Ether did it because really it is the exact testimony that I have and the words I would use.  Very grateful for the scriptures. 

Another cool experience that we had this week was we were contacting houses and we ran into this woman that had shared with missionaries a while ago.  You could tell something was wrong and she was really mad and told us that she didn’t want to hear anything about God or anything like that.  We asked her if there was anything we could do for her and after talking with her for a little bit longer,  she told us that her mom had died a month ago and she still had bad emotions from that.  I testified of the Plan of Salvation and I really felt like my testimony impacted her, there was a different feeling in the room.  She started crying and told us to come back a different day to talk,  it was a very good experience. 

Another thing that happened this week that was fun was we got invited by some of our investigators to go to this dance performance, performed by the school her children attended.  I really liked it, they did dances from all  different countries according to that country’s culture.  I especially like Chile’s and Argentina’s.  They represent the United States by cowboys and jazz, which made me really want to dance. 

At the end of this week there was a seminary graduation and we had to help a lot in the preparation of that.  Including we had to get mannequins from a store and bring them to the church.  It was pretty embarrassing because they were naked and we had to carry them through the center of the city to the church.  They were only men, if that makes it better…   Haha  The seminary graduation went well and we had a cotton candy machine and a bunch of other stuff. Also later that night there was a baptism of a little girl that was really beautiful.  They put on a video about fathers and her father hasn’t been doing too well lately and I think it gave him something to consider.

Also yesterday I gave a talk about tithing that went really well and it was cool to see the people who went and got tithing slips right after and thanked me.  Well to let you guys know about my transfer…. I’m staying here!  However it is only a four week transfer that’s coming up.
Have a great week, love you all!

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