Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Shaved heads, Halloween, Growth because of challenges

Last week Connor didn’t have time to write and this week he sent 3 voice recordings.  I took notes and here’s a little about what he’s been up to: (my notes are in parenthesis)
I and some Elders shaved our heads, not all the way bald but a number 1.  (He didn’t send any pictures, if that means anything.)  A lot of people ask to take selfies with us, and we always oblige, it’s quite funny.

Elder Murphy our district leader gave the best talk in a conference we had.  He used an analogy of WOW, the “healers” prepared themselves before hand with buffs so they didn’t take “damage”, which is similar how we have to prepare ourselves in life to be ready and prepared for the hard things that will come our way. (Not sure of what words I got right explaining that).

I am still loving teaching English and the people are getting quite good at it so I think they must be practicing.  It is still funny how some people act like they know English well though, and really don’t.  I had to get a paper notarized that was in English.  I went into a bank and was telling an employee what I needed, and that I could translate.  Another person walked up and said “I can read English” and took the paper and pointed to where a date was to be entered and said “this is where it needs a signature, right”?  I said no actually that’s for the date, so I ended up translating.

In Chile half of the people celebrate Halloween just like they do in the USA.  They dress up, knock on doors and get treats.  The other half of the people think it is an evil pagan holiday and actually get mad at people who celebrate it.  I remember last Halloween and can’t believe how fast time has gone and that it’s been a full year since then.

Last P-day I had to go to Temuco to the doctors for another x-ray of my ankle.  He said it looks great and healed completely and I should take care of it by not playing any sports.  I can’t stop playing so I will just be really careful.  I have such a great desire to play lacrosse after my mission.

I was reading back in my journal a year ago about all the difficulties and challenges I was having at the time and how stressed I was.  Now those problems have completely changed and don’t worry or concern me at all.  I am amazed at how quickly things can get resolved and no longer be difficult.  I know we have hard things in our life so we can learn.  There are always hard things in peoples life but the problems we have are opportunities for us to exercise our agency and decide how we are going to react to the situation.  This is something I have learned on my mission.  I am just trying to be a better person every day.  I know I have a lot of area for improvement but I am doing what I can and hopefully by the end of the mission I can look back and be proud of what I’ve done here.  Also proud of who I’ve become.

We helped a sister who needed help setting up her bed.  She then took us out to sushi.  It was not hard core sushi, but I had never tried any kind.  I dipped it in a sweet sauce and really liked it.  I’ve had it now three more times since that day. 

As I sit here talking in English for a long time, it’s hard not to just start speaking in Spanish.  As you can see I have said some Spanish words here and there and have forgotten some English words.  This was just the opposite at the first of my mission, when I would be speaking Spanish, I would throw in English words and just want to start speaking English.

We had interviews with President Bluth last week.  I really love him, he is such a wonderful man, and his wife is a wonderful person too.  We talked about the principle of repentance.  In closing I just want to say I have a great testimony in the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  I love talking to people about repentance and how to apply the Atonement in their life and become better people than they were before.

I love you all and hope you have a good week!

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