Tuesday, July 22, 2014

3rd Week, Half Way Through the CCM

3rd Week, Half Way Through the CCM

So I’ve only been gone for 3 weeks... let that sink in haha. It feels like I’ve been here for so long! Everyone I talked to the first week said that time goes a lot faster after the first week. I have disproved that theory because time for me is definitely still moving slow haha. But this experience just keeps getting better and better!  I have very difficult times sometimes but I’m meeting new people and expanding my knowledge of the gospel and my Spanish! The Spanish is increasing in difficulty every day and it has SO many irregular things and rules, so frustrating. But I am improving with the help from my companion and my teachers. My faith grows with everything we do, going on a mission was the right decision. I do think of home a lot even though I know I shouldn’t. I think it will get easier once I’m out in the field. but I am strengthened by the Lord. I have had to say goodbye to Elder Brown and Elder Merrill this week. It sucks because I really looked up to them, they were great examples, and it made my day better seeing their faces and talking to them. They comforted me many times.

What has happened this week... Sirens are my lullaby, I have the craziest dreams, you have no idea haha, oh and one day we awoke to no water. I never realized how essential water is lol. Like no toilet, shower, teeth brushing, shaving, so much stuff was gone and I thought it was so hard and then it came back on by 10. New respect for people who aren’t able to have water when needed. I’m going to do a humanitarian project like my dad did to provide water for  people in Peru.

I had so many amazing experiences this week, starting with the blessing on Elder Dyar. He hurt his ankle when we were playing soccer, the kid was not able to put any pressure on this leg without it giving out because of the pain, he had to get crutches. That night, as soon as we ended the blessing he stood and walked around, the spirit was in that room. It was amazing. Hermando Vargas, he’s the teacher in one of the pics I sent back. Is SO amazing. He is the most happy man I have met. and he credits it all to the gospel. One night he told us how proud he was of us, and how he knew he wasn’t our father but he really felt like he was. I cried, that little guy is in my heart. On Sunday we had a devotional by a man named Herman Cates. It was amazing! He was such a down to earth guy (the first I have met here lol) but he was so strong in faith and smart about things. It was soo cool to see. Before I left my father and a lot of family members gave me letters to open in the MTC. Hermona Cates used two of the scriptures, well one scripture and one quote, that my dad had put in his letter to me to comfort me! It was such a cool and crazy experience.

                                                     Hermando Vargas

Oh haha my mom is gonna love this story. So every Sunday night we watch a LDS movie. This Sunday we watched the movie about John Tanner. Hahaha I remember my mom made me watch it a while ago and I remember complaining the entire time and not wanting to watch it. It’s so funny how things have changed because I LOVED watching it. It was such a testimony builder, how he could literally give up everything for the church because of his faith. I wish I could have the faith he has, hopefully I will by the end of this mission. I have learned the true definition of conversion. It is when your testimony and your life are in line.

Today I had the experience of being able to go to the visitors center of the Mexico City temple, the temple is closed at the moment so unfortunately we couldn’t do a session. Getting let out of these walls was a relief though haha! Back into the real world. Driving through Mexico City was an experience just like when I came here the first day. WE TOOK OFF A GUYS SIDE VIEW MIRROR. Funniest thing of my life. Everyone drives how fast, where, and when they want in Mexico city. It’s bound to happen. Anyways, the temple and visitor center were beautiful and way cool to see and listen to the messages. I’ll send some pictures for your guys to see.

Whenever I hear stories of conversion from families I don’t know what it is but it just makes me want to go out and teach the world the amazing message the gospel is and the happiness I know it can bring. A chapter I studied this week I really liked was Alma 32 especially verse 21. Read it. I wish I could go on. I’ve had so many amazing experiences but I think I’ve written enough. Hopefully I’m being an example to someone out there. I’ve had so many amazing example in my life. I can only hope to be one. I love and miss you all.

There is a site called Dear Elder idk the actual website but you can write stuff to me there and it’s cool because they will print it off for you here and give it to me like a letter! Do it please!  Then I have something I can turn to whenever I need it! I have the Lord of course but it’s cool to hear from you guys too:) and mom I don’t know where you got that information that they do your laundry here for you but that is FALSE. Doing laundry sucks haha. Again I love and miss you all so much. I want to end with a couple spiritual thoughts. No sincere, prayerful effort will go unanswered. Know that. Don’t let the past outweigh the future. The Gospel can change lives, it has changed mine for the better, NO joy can compare. One last thing, In this world, what we do know trumps what we do not know. Until next week

Elder Clay


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