Tuesday, July 29, 2014

4 Weeks at Mexico MTC

Alright I take back what I said about time going slow haha. This week flew by! Like ridiculous! It’s crazy to think that two weeks from today I will be in Chile or on my way to Chile. This week was really good! I do miss all of you but things are getting a lot better here! We have been talking a lot about our actual purpose of us being here on our mission and I think I’m beginning to actually understand the purpose of me being here and its helping a lot! My Spanish is getting pretty good and growing more and more every day. When people in my class have questions about the language and difficulties they actually come to me! Who would have thought?! In Technology Assisted Language Learning my district leader asked me to help people during it because I am so far ahead, haha I still am learning but I know that I am strengthened so much in the Lord. I am so excited to get out into Chile and actually begin to start teaching. I still am a little scared because I have heard that Chileans talk so fast and leave off the ends of some words, but my teacher told me that I will probably will be fluent in 4 to 6 months! I am so excited for that! It’s so crazy that I’m going to be in Chile in 2 weeks but really I am so excited.

The MTC has been good though! I love my district so much, we are so unified it’s crazy. I get to know my companion more and more every day haha. He’s an interesting kid but I love him! He talks about wrestling 24/7 and how he could take on anyone and how he can squat 250 times and take down 6’4” 250 pound kids and he’s 5’6” 130 lbs. hahaha. He has a story for everything! I’m pretty sure him, his dad, or his family has done everything there is to do on the planet! He’s from Florida and is proud of it! I’ll never forget him haha.

Three things I wish I would have brought more of, my OWN clothes, more ties, and pictures of all of you! Future missionaries, those 3 things are essential!. Gym time in the morning has been getting more and more fun, we started playing handball which is ultimate Frisbee but with a volleyball.  I incorporate lacrosse into it as much as possible, I got those around the backs down lol. I miss lacrosse so much haha. I think about it so much, I want to play it more and more every day. There are so many things I miss and I remember another thing every day, but it's good! We play sports as a district against other districts, we’re surprisingly pretty good.  I didn’t think any of the kids would be good at sports but we got some ballers in our district.  Elder Washburn, the elder I talk to about country music and video games, is so good at basketball it was surprising. Oh hahaha my companion when we play! He’s one of those kids who tries way hard in anything we do and thinks he’s amazing at everything haha it’s so funny to watch him fly around and practically tackling kids when were not even supposed to touch others haha. He’s got those wrestling moves down... He does them while we walk to class...

The 16 hour days are hard labor but I know it’s only making me better. Three things my district fights about: Taylor Swift or Queen being better, the whole dinosaur topic, and would you rather be an avatar or be able to have a Pokémon.  HOW COULD ANYONE NOT CHOOSE POKEMON. I have met so many new friends it’s crazy, I met this girl who looks like Jennifer Lawrence but with kind of blonder hair and her eyes are SO green, like it’s insane. I thought she was wearing green contacts for sure but it’s her natural color and she helped me find my pen I lost that means a lot to me so she’s pretty chill.  She graduated from Davis last year, Maddy Strahm I can’t remember her name, I am terrible with names haha, but she graduated with you! Teaching our investigators is getting better and better and I learn to love them more and more every time. I missed the 24th of July. That night was pretty sad.  I thought a lot about missing fireworks but we had a really good TRC that day so it made up for it. It continues to rain every day, I have grown to love it.

Elder Haynes and I had an amazing lesson with our investigator, who brought his girlfriend this time, one of the days. We taught extremely well and by the spirit, by the end both of them were crying and after they came up to us and told us how well we did. It helped and comforted me a lot, as well as encouraged. I love using experiences from my life to help teach and testify. That is how you connect with investigators. Haha its funny now that sometimes when I write and email in English I sometimes use Spanish words and I have to correct myself. This week we have talked a lot about the Atonement. Whenever I think I am having a difficult time or having a problem with something, I think about EVERYTHING He went through. We need to realize how much He suffered for us and HOW MUCH He has given us and will give us if all we do is have faith in Him and keep the commandments.. All of you back home. I wish you could be experiencing everything I am. the Lord has given us SO much and has asked for so little in return, we are in so much debt to him. Please do everything in your  power to show that you recognize His total work in our lives. There is a lot of things I have watched, heard, and read about in the last week to help us endure to the end. Enduring to the end is the hardest part about this Church. We talk about it a lot. I testify that if you truly try to keep faith in His name,
He will make up for the rest. I invite all of you to try and be missionaries back home with your families and friends. Serve them. Have charity. It will bless you. I’m going to ask all of you for one more thing. Build a sure foundation, there are seven steps. I pray you all follow them. I know it will bless you. 1. Seek the companionship of the Holy Ghost. 2. Partake of the Sacrament. 3. Pray and fast. 4. Keep the commandments. 5. Study the scriptures. 6. Follow the living prophet. 7. LOVE AND SERVE THE LORD. I will be doing these things along with you. If you ever need anything let me know and I will do my best to help you from about 5000 miles away haha. I love all of you and want you all to receive all the blessings that I know you can. I want to end with some scriptures, Alma 34, especially verse 38, Ephesians 4, and if you’re really feeling up to the challenge Luke 22 and D&C 84. Those all are my reading assignments for you guys haha. I love and miss you all. You all are in my prayers. The Lord can strengthen us in everything. Stay strong everybody

Elder Clay

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