Monday, November 24, 2014

Charlotte's mom is getting baptized!

This week went very fast for me but I’m not sure why because we didn´t do a lot more than just work all day every day haha. Nothing too crazy happened so I’m not sure what to write about. We bowled last Pday which was pretty fun, there were 16 of us, I being the only gringo, but I took second place behind Elder Rivera which was ridiculous because I bowled a strike and a spare in the tenth slot, I thought I had it. 

We had interviews with the President of our mission this week and those went very well. President and Hermana Bluth are both very loving and smart people and they gave me some helpful words.

This week we set two dates for baptisms! One with a girl named Cecilia who is really receptive and the other.... the mother of Charlotte!! That was one of the happiest moments on my mission because we have been working with her since I got here in Chile but now she says that she knows that our message is true and that she feels that it is true in her heart. It was so amazing to hear her say that because she hasn't been really receptive until this last week,  she has always said that she was born Catholic and was going to die Catholic because that´s how her family has always been.  It really showed me that if people will at least open their hearts to our message and be willing to listen and pray with real intent, they will come to the knowledge that this is the true church of Jesus Christ in the world.  I have been studying the blueprint of Jesus´ church when he came to the world,  and it´s so amazing how our church lines up exactly how he had established it when he did, down to the last little thing.

 I had an intercambio with Elder Muñoz this week, he is from Chile and has 23 months in the mission. As they say in the mission, he is almost dead.  It was way cool talking to him about what he's experienced so far during his mission. I can´t even imagine having only one month left in my mission, it´s going to be very weird. 

One thing that happened this week that made the week was that I got to play lacrosse! Elder Parkin received a package from his parents that had two fiddle sticks in it! Fiddle sticks are just smaller version of lacrosse sticks, and even though they weren´t the exact real thing, it felt sooo good to play again! It was so much fun and Elder Parkin is actually pretty good, I told him we are going to play after the mish. It felt so good and was so much more fun that soccer for once haha. 

We had an activity for the Elders Quorum where we played soccer and we brought Diego, our recent convert, who is pretty much professional, and he just wrecked everyone haha. I want to see him and Lucas Cawley, my best friend, play against each other.

We continue to teach Patricia and Paulina and I think they will get baptized before there´s a chance that I leave from here this next cambio, December 15th. I really want to see a bunch of good investigators that we are teaching baptized, but also I would like a change of sectors haha. Catrihuala, my ward, has been so good to me. I’ve walked Avenida Costanera more times that I can count. I continue to work hard every week and see the impact that I am making on the lives of the people here in Chile, but also on my life.

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