Monday, November 10, 2014

Zone Conference

This is a picture from last week at Zone Conference, his mission presidents have a blog called LoCo in Chile and we found this.  His last meal with Elder Casperson (sitting at his left).

Connor wasn’t able to email a blog letter today however I did get to email back and forth with him this morning for a time.  He is missing Elder Casperson, and says this past week has definitely been the hardest one so far.  His new missionary companion is from Peru, Elder Maguina, he can speak some English so he speaks English to Connor to practice and Connor speaks Spanish to him.  He is a little discouraged as no one seems to want to hear their message.  No matter how discouraged he is, he always ends with an optimistic outlook for the new week and says “I will work hard, keep my head up and don’t worry mom, I will be fine!”

Something I was ecstatic about was he received both packages I have sent to him, so there is hope he will get the Christmas packages that are now on their way to him!  He only opened one package with some photos, treats, letters and a t-shirt we sent.  He didn’t know whether or not to open the Thanksgiving one.  I told him there was no Thanksgiving dinner in it so to open whenever he wanted.  I am hoping with all your messages of gratitude to him, he might open it on a day he’s feeling down and then he will be smiling before long!

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