Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year in Coronel 2015

Well this week in Coronel went pretty fast with the New Year and everything. I don´t have much to write about because this week was just a lot of contacting, looking for people to teach in the extremely hot weather like usual. I am fried, but only on my face and half of my arms haha missionary tan lines are the best.

At the start of the week we came across this woman who just told us how bad she hated Mormons and was just bashing us but then we said we were from the United States, she invited us right on in haha. That´s been happening a lot with us lately where people let us in but we are pretty sure that they aren´t interested in our message, but just interested in us and want to talk to some gringos.  The new year for us as missionaries was pretty much nothing. New Year´s Eve  we spent with the Ortega Family, the same place as Christmas, where again, we spent the night with way too much blasting loud Latino dance music, eating too much food, but this night we had to be in our house by 11 and we decided to walk home instead of having a drunk guy drive us again haha. We almost got attacked by a gang of dogs which was pretty sketchy.

I passed the new year laying in my bed and I´m not sure if I was awake at 12 or not, pretty boring. I will be here for the whole year of 2015 which is crazy to think but I’m looking forward to the experiences I am going to have. 2014 was definitely one of the best years of my life and 2015 should be pretty good with my New Year´s Resolutions ;)

The first day of the new year we had free because in Chile they pretty much do all their celebrating that day. We had a zone activity where we played a lot of soccer and volleyball, ate these really good brats sandwich things, and watched the Saratov Approach, it was a pretty good day. That was the day that we just got burnt so bad so the next day we went and bought Aloe Vera and sunscreen.

Last Saturday we went and played soccer as usual. There is starting to be an abnormal amount of little kids who come and play with us. Pretty much have a whole Primary playing with us! Later that day we went to an investigators/members house where they made us sushi, which I ate for one of the first times in my life. It was surprising actually good! Kind of sketchy though, eating raw fish in Coronel.

We ended the week staying up all night because our new neighbor who just moved in is a young guy and had his birthday party.... It started at 11 and ended at 6:30 with them just blasting music and yelling and laughing all night. The comps in the other room got woken up by one of them who had been at the party and opened our window, whispering for us to open the door because they had "something" to share with us haha pretty funny. But that was the new year for me in Coronel. Hope that all you back home had a fun time celebrating and that you guys have a good 2015!

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