Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Baptism, Cold Showers Again, and more...

Hey guys, this week actually felt pretty long to me but I had a lot of pretty fun experiences. I started off the week going to Lota Park the last P-day. It was incredibly beautiful and it made me think of all the trips I´ve gone on with my family and friends to National Parks or hiking and things like that. There was an amazing view of the ocean and a beach and the scenery within the park was very beautiful as well.

The next day I had an intercambio with my district leader, Elder Murphy. He´s from California and has one more cambio left in the mission. Crazy stuff but he had a lot of good advice for me and gave me some suggestions on how to make more out of the mission. And that´s what I´m trying to do every day so I was grateful.

This week while we were contacting, all day every day ;), we found a guy and his family who have shared with the missionaries before and they belong to an Evangelical church, the dude was pretty convinced about his church. haha We taught him for about an hour then he taught us about his church for about 2 hours, haha we couldn´t get out!  But he was very respectful and it was interesting for me to hear about his church, which I had never heard about. Pretty interesting what they believe but everyone has their own beliefs.

Oh a thing that was amazing that happened this week, is that I got a call from my old sector Catrihuala and... CHARLOTTE'S MOM GOT BAPTIZED!!! It was honestly the greatest thing to hear and it made me so happy. I got to talk to Charlotte and her mom and they both sounded very happy. I wish I could´ve been there and seen it but still so happy to hear that it happened. I think that I have talked about this before but it is just amazing the love that you develop for people you teach and how fast and strong it comes.

The things that are constant right now in Coronel are that we have been taking cold showers for about two weeks now because our water heater is broken so that has been cool... I have actually learned to love cold showers and how good it feels after them. Also I found that it is impossible to stay away from the fleas here haha I’m going to have scars all over my legs and body when I get back from scratching them. But I’m taking many precautionary measures to try and keep them away!

The biggest thing that happened this week for sure is we had an activity for our mission! It was a giant P-day where we were all together! I have met so many people and have made some good homies. The bus rides there and back were filled with story time from all the missionaries and talking about life after and before the mish. I had a good time. It’s pretty crazy how small the world is and it’s surprising how many connections I can make with people just by knowing other people they know. At the actual activity itself we played a lot of sports, which was sometimes frustrating because we were playing a bunch of gringo sports with Latinos and they didn’t understand a lot of the time hahaha but it was a lot of fun. We also watched Meet the Mormons which was a very good movie and I recommend it to all. Well that’s about it for this week. Hope that you guys have a good week and you are all in my prayers.
Elder Clay

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