Monday, February 9, 2015

New Investigators and My Love! You have Returned!

This week in Coronel went pretty well! We were able to find some new people to teach and they look like they have some potential to progress! A lot of hard work and patience paid off but now we have to keep with it and continue teaching and searching for more. I started off this week having an intercambio with one of our zone leaders, Elder Marble. He has the same time in the mission as my companion, 20 months, and is one of the best missionaries that I have worked with. We did 50 contacts in one day and were able to find two new investigators! We were outside all day but we kept the spirits up and we were able to find success. In one of the lessons it was pretty cool because at the end the woman told us that she really had the wrong idea of Mormons and she had heard many nasty and bad things and had believed them but that we were able to prove them all wrong and answer her questions and doubts. It was a really cool experience and this kind of situations happens a lot.

Earlier this week we had to paint pretty much the whole inside of our house because the President of the mission was going to every house in the mission so we spent days scrubbing mold off walls and cleaning everywhere so that we could paint. But now our house actually looks a little bit better. Still pretty cold and infested with termites, but we are doing what we can to keep it in shape.

Oh a pretty funny story, so me and Elder Knecht visited an investigator that Elder Marble and I found and their little daughter let us in. We were sitting on a couch talking to the wife when the husband, who is a ginormous huge guy who is covered in tattoos and is just the funniest guy ever, comes practically running and turns the corner into the room we were in and makes eye contact with me and screams at the top of his lungs "MY LOVE! YOU HAVE RETURNED!" Hahahaha funniest thing that has happened to me. We were able to teach them and they were very receptive. They have a lot of things they need to change in their lives but I really hope that they will be able to progress. Their 8 year old daughter has the biggest crush on me and her dad was teasing her so bad that she was embarrassed, but it was cute.

Also this week we found the same group of kids twice while we were contacting and talked to them for a while. It’s really fun talking to them because they have so many questions about the United States and some of their questions are so simple and obvious haha.  It was pretty cool because we found this little neighborhood and pretty much everyone would pass by us, talk to us for a little, ask some questions, and move on. I felt like an information stand. 

Also this week I had an intercambio with Elder Chumbe the Peruvian in our house. That went pretty well and I was able to meet some of their investigators and work with him. The last big thing that happened this week is yesterday we went and passed by an investigator that the Elders here were teaching a long time ago. When we knocked on her door, she let us right in. She seemed very happy to see us again. In the records it said she has had problems with depression and I could see it.  However, she seemed very happy to see us and I’m excited to be able to work with her and give her some hope in her life.

The mission work is an amazing thing. Love you all, and hope that you have a good week.

Elder Clay

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