Monday, February 2, 2015

Lunch from a stranger, Yes he is my Savior and other happenings

Hey guys! Sorry for not writing last week, it was cambios and I was pretty busy with all of that. So I am going to write a little bit about last week as well as this week this time. Last week I had an intercambio with a missionary who at this moment is at his house which is pretty crazy to think. Elder Cruz, he finished his mission last week so it was pretty cool to be able to be his last intercambio and one of the last people he worked with. He was able to teach me a lot and help me with some things that he said had helped him in his mission. It wasn’t the greatest day of success, like most days, but the experiences and striving myself to do my best to serve others and find the people that God has prepared for me makes everything worth it. 

Also last week we had the opportunity to give a blessing of health to a members son who isn’t a member but is going through a hard time with his heart. At the end of the blessing their whole family were in tears and they were so grateful as they all hugged us. It was cool to see some of the hard hearts in that room softened. 

Also last week we had to go to Concepcion twice, one for an interview and another time because my companion got bit by a spider and had to go to the doctor. The bus rides there are pretty beautiful and impressive. There are some amazing views here in Coronel that me and my comp have found because we’ve pretty much contacted our entire sector already.  The views of the ocean and others in Coronel are very beautiful and I love finding different views every day. As you guys already know, this past Monday was cambios but me and Elder Knecht are staying here in Coronel together for another cambio! One of the Peruvians left, Elder LudeƱa, and another Latino came in his place. His name is Elder Espitia and he was born and grew up in Columbia but he came to the mission from Spain where he had lived for about 7 years. Heps was cool and way funny, he´s a good time to have in the house. He is also our district leader and he does a good job at that, his laugh is one of the funniest things I´ve heard. He only calls me Matthew McConaughey and he’s convinced that I look exactly like him haha.
 An experience that I had this week that was pretty cool is we were walking in the street and this guy came up to us trying to speak English, thinking he could, (like every other Chilean on this planet) but he said "I love Jesus, so I want to do this for you" and insisted in taking us into this restaurant and buying us both the biggest combo on the menu haha. He would not take no for an answer or even give in a little bit. He just kept on saying how much he loved Jesus and how he knows we are men of Jesus.  Such a good guy. It was a pretty cool experience and as fast as he came, he was gone, leaving us to eat all this food by ourselves haha. 

Also something that happened this week was Chile played the USA in soccer but I know that none of you were probably watching it because of the super bowl. haha  USA was winning and then at the very end, Chile made two goals and they won. I got some crap from all the members and people on the streets and stuff for that but it’s all good because I know we could beat them at literally ANY other sport;) Other than those things, not much has happened.  Just a lot of contacting searching for families to bring into this gospel:) Oh that and  freezing cold showers and getting devoured by fleas haha.

 One thing that really struck me this week is I have started to notice the amazing faith that the Chilean people have. Like you can literally ask any Chilean if they believe in Jesus Christ and they practically scream YES HE IS MY SAVIOR. It’s really impressive and it’s a joy to hear every time I ask them. Well to be a hundred percent honest, lately has been a difficult patch in my mission. We haven’t had the greatest success and the days seem like years frying in the sun. But my testimony has come in strong to help me, and the thing is that I have such a strong testimony that God does have a plan for us, that as every little hard thing that happens to me, I am able to try and look at it from a growing and learning perspective. Something I have definitely gained from the mission. Also I have grown to appreciate and be so exceedingly grateful for my life before the mission, I know that being here on the mission is showing my gratefulness for the Lord. Well that’s about it for this week. Love ya guys. Hope everything is going well back home! 

Love, Elder Clay

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