Monday, February 23, 2015

Coronel, a Challenging Place

Another week came and gone here in Coronel. this week went pretty fast considering how it feels like only a couple days ago I was sitting down writing this group email to you guys last week. This week was a pretty normal week, lots of contacting and lots of walking, unfortunately not a lot of success, but we´re trying to keep our heads up and keep working hard. These past 10 weeks in Coronel have been very challenging for me. I think they have probably been the hardest in the mission for me. I have had a lot of fun being companions with Elder Knecht but the lack of investigators and success in the aspect of finding, teaching, and baptizing has been pretty hard on me. I don´t really know what the Lord is looking for me to do or say but I am striving myself every day to try and complete with the will of the Lord. I am trying, as always, to learn and grow from these challenges and difficulties, and I give thanks to God for everything that he has given me up to this point in my life. 

As for events this week, me and Elder Knecht found an abandoned museum of which used to be a mine but everything got destroyed in 2010 by the earthquake that hit here. We explored inside all of that for a while which was pretty fun but there were some parts that were pretty sketchy and scary. We are planning on returning with flashlights so we can go into the places we couldn´t because it was too dark, but don´t worry, we will be safe and careful;)

This week the assistants to the president came down and worked in our sector with us. Elder Alexander, who is from California and has 18 months in the mission, was working with me and Elder Knecht. We contacted so many people and we entered in a couple houses. We didn’t find any new amazing investigators but we have a few that we might be able to return to.

A cool story that happened while tracting with him was we found an inactive member who at first almost didn´t let us into his house but then he accepted to a prayer, nothing more, in his house. After the prayer, something must have touched his heart because he invited us to sit down and we talked for about an hour. He told us about all of the trials and hardships that he has been having in his life. He wouldn´t really accept anything we had to say but at the end, he asked if we would pray for him and his family. Sometimes that is all that we can do for people as missionaries, pray. Also we passed by Patricia, the lady that we have been visiting and helping. We set a plan to help her give up smoking and she seemed very excited and happy. It was cool.

The rest of the days this week nothing interesting really happened.  I will try this next week to have some crazy experiences so I can share them with you guys:)

Love you all, thank you for the support. Until next week!

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