Monday, March 23, 2015

Baptism date set for Brian!

Well family and friends, this week not a lot happened, so this is probably going to be a short email home. Monday and Tuesday I finally got over  my sickness so we got to go out and get back to work. I still have congestion and a bit of a cough but I am doing a lot better than before.

Tuesday we had a zone conference where they introduced a new manner of teaching and plans to help our investigators progress faster and with greater efficiency. We have been using some of the tactics with Brian and it has helped a lot! Brian has progressed even more and he told us last night that after attending church yesterday, he is ready to be baptized and that he doesn't have any doubts anymore! It's been amazing to see his growth and how he is becoming blessed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. His baptism is going to be this Thursday and we are going to be working with him every day this week to make sure he is the most prepard he can be! So pretty much this last week has been working with Brian and contacting a lot.

We haven't been able to find many more people to teach but we are keeping our spirits up and we know that we will see the results of our work as long as we keep it up, we reap what we sow. Our English class we had this week was pretty crazy, we had a new person who has never come before, and it turned out that she is a member of our church who just moved her. She started to bring up tithing and really controversial religious topics during the middle of the class. I couldn't help but burst out laughing because she just kept it up. Pretty funny experience and hopefully the people return to our class after what happened this week hahaha.

As I said earlier, not a lot happened this week but we were able to do some service activities this week to help out some members and nonmembers. After doing service, there is a feeling of pure joy that comes, and its something that my Dad has taught me since I have been very young, that service is the greatest thing in the eyes of God.

To end the week, we had an activity in our branch, which had a pretty good turn out, quite a lot of people came and it was cool to see the members, less active members, and investigators all getting along and playing games, doing karaoke, and eating together. It's going to be weird going back to a ward that has 300 members when I return haha. But that's pretty much it for this week, I hope that everything is going well for everyone back home and hope that everyone has a good week!

Elder Clay

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