Monday, March 16, 2015

Meet my New Companion Elder Healey

This week was the first week in Coronel without Elder Knecht and I got to experience it with my new companion, Elder Healey. As I explained last week in the letter, He is from Kaysville and we have been able to spend some time talking about the same people, places, and things that we both know. It's pretty fun having someone who lived in Davis County as a companion. He has a little bit more than a year in the mission and is two years older than me. He also likes to be obedient and work hard so I got just the companion that I wanted!

This week has been pretty eventful so I will start form the beginning. Tuesday I spent in the Bus station waiting for Elder Healey to arrive. I spent the time talking to Elder Washburn, my homie from the CCM, Elder Casperson, my dad, and a bunch of new kids who are cool that I met. Its crazy how I can talk to so many missionaries and we can find at least one person in common we knew out side of the mission. But when Elder Healey got here, he had a lot of stuff with him, and it all was very heavy haha. Getting it to the micro stop, on and off the micro, and to our house was quite the fiasco but we managed to do it, in suits and in a million degree weather haha. I was dying.

This week with Elder Healey as far as working goes has just been a lot of contacting and trying to look for new investigators because we are a little short on those. Brian continues to progress every time that we pass by his house and teach him. He understands everything we teach him and he has desires to know that these things are true. He is doing the three things that we teach are required to receive an answer, reading and pondering the scriptures, praying, and attending the church. Yesterday he showed up all dressed up for church and stayed the whole 3 hours and a little bit after talking with the members! He is doing very well! We have a date for his baptism for the 28th of this month and hopefully we can help him feel ready for this date! If you guys could, please include him in your prayers, it would help a lot:)

As for other investigators, we don't have many but we have new people who we have found and we are continuing to search. A very cool experience that happened to us this week was one day we were walking and a guy stopped us and asked us if we could clear up a few questions and doubts that he had. He told us that he had stumbled upon a book of our religion that he said he loves. We thought he was talking about the Book of Mormon obviously, but we found out that it was actually Jesus the Christ. This was one of the most impressive guys that I have ever met, he was very smart and knew everything about our church. From the moment we started to talk to him to when we said goodbye, which was a LOT of time, he sounded like a really smart leader that would be in our church. We found out, however, that he is an Adventist but he has a history with many missionaries and knows mission presidents and stuff. We helped clear up some things and talked to him about a lot of stuff. I really liked his look on religion and how he thought. He talked about how in our life, there are 3 things that are really important and all we need to have, which were Charity, Acts, and Repentance. I have been studying a lot about what religion really is, its intrigued me, but really it is based around those 3 things. As far as what he talked about, he was right, but he had some other things lacking and confused about some other things. Unfortunately he lives in Santiago so I'll probably never see him again but it was a cool experience.

When I said this was an eventful week I don't know what I was thinking haha not a lot has happened. My parents last week asked me why I never had told them that I have been sick.  It is because I never have been, I told them that I had been pretty lucky and never had a serious sickness. Well, I forgot to knock on wood, Saturday I broke my 8 and a half month streak of leaving to work every single day. I woke up with pretty much every symptom of the flu. The symptoms have kept up but due to medicine and rest, I can feel myself getting better. I think I don't have anything serious, but it did prevent me from going out to work Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully I can regain all my strength and continue this week to serve the lord and work in his vineyard!

Love, Elder Clay

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