Monday, March 9, 2015

Zone Activity, Another miracle with Charlotte, New Companion from Davis High School

Sorry for not writing an email to everyone last week. I was really busy and we didn’t have a lot of time to write back home! I will try and fill you guys in with what’s happened in the past two weeks. Last week I did an exchange with Elder Lopez and I was in Arauco with him. It’s very beautiful there and I had a good time. I taught more that one day than I do in a week here in Coronel haha. Me and Elder Lopez killed it, we set 5 baptismal dates, found new people, contacted a ton, and taught more! Always cool working with other Elders and seeing how they teach, and their story. He is from Columbia and he has about a year in the mish. He teaches a lot like Elder Chumbe, who lives in my house, so I knew how he taught and we worked well together. We were able to see the fruits of our labor. That’s about the best thing/feeling in the mission. But other than that exchange, nothing happened last week. 
However, this week a bunch of things happened that were sweet. The first is we went to an underground mine called Chiflon de Diablo last p-day. It was pretty sweet, we went with the whole zone, and we had a lot of fun. There were some sketchy parts including where we went down in this mine shaft thing that took us down into the earth and another part where we had to crawl through this tiny passage to continue on. I took a lot of pics so I’ll send some. There was a point where we turned off our lights and no one made a sound and it was just pitch black peace. I loved it more than anything. It was a cool experience.

Later that day in the night I got a call. It was from my convert Charlotte! They were passing through Coronel because they are moving form Temuco to Santiago and they wanted to stop by and see me. We met them in the church in Cornel and it honestly was so amazing to see and talk with them. They are doing very well right now and they are going strong in the church since the baptism of Paula, the mom. And even better news that they told me is that the dad, Carlos, wants to get baptized as well now! I literally couldn’t believe my ears when they said that, he never wanted anything to do with the missionaries or church or anything. This man had a change of heart and it was due to his family and this church. I went from seeing him hardly ever smile in my time in Temuco to, when he was here, not drop his smile for even a second. He was a different man. He was so happy, it was so cool to see. Even more, they told me that, to everyone’s amazement and astonishment, he got up in front of everyone during fast and testimony meeting and gave his testimony! He said something like "I know that I don’t know a lot about doctrine or religious stuff but what I do know is that this church and gospel has changed my family’s life and my life also. I know I’m not a member yet, but I plan on finding the missionaries up in Santiago and being baptized into this church!" I had to hold back tears of joy when I heard all this. I couldn’t believe my ears. It made me so happy to hear. One of the best experiences in my mission.

Also something that happened this week that was pretty cool is we passed by one of the houses of one of the guys who comes to our English class regularly. His name is Brian and we actually set a baptismal date with him! He is very receptive and understands everything that we teach him.  He came to our church Thursday for English class, Friday for a young single adults activity, Saturday for a baptism that we had, and Sunday for church! 4 days in a row haha! He gets along with a bunch of young adults in our ward so he’s pretty much set! Pretty cool to see some success after a while. We also did a kind of open house thing at our church where we stood outside and invited people to come in. We gave tours of everything inside the church and taught a little bit about what we do and teach. It was pretty successful. A bunch of people entered and we were able to clear up questions and doubts that they had. This last Saturday was the baptism of two of the investigators that the other guys in our sector have been teaching, Dylan and Kelly. It was pretty cool to see them baptized and help out with all of it.

Well that’s pretty much all that has happened. This last week was my last week with Elder Knecht. It’s sad to see him go because we were such good homies but I’m sure I’ll see him in the future and we have plans to return to Chile together! But yep today is transfers and my new companion is going to be Elder Heely! I have met him once in the mission and he’s pretty cool! He went to Davis and knew my cousins so it should be a pretty good time! I’ll tell you how it goes next week! Love and miss you all!


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