Monday, July 13, 2015

Trying Times, New Companion Elder Shapiro

Family and friends, this week was another cold and hardworking week.  It was the last week of work for my companion so he made sure that he lived up to it.  I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a missionary go out as strong as he did, very impressive.  Right now he is chilling in our mission office just waiting for his last interview with our mission president and then he will be off for his house.  Crazy stuff. 

Well, at the start of this week I had an exchange with a missionary named Elder Loose!  He is from Argentina and has little time in the mission.  He is probably the shortest missionary in the mission and just has the most baby face ever haha everyone is surprised when he tells them how old he is.  But we had a really good time together and we actually ended up finding two really good new investigators…  a lot of fun.

The rest of the week has been pretty tough.  This entire transfer Elder Katschke and I have been working extremely hard and contacting just about everyone we can but even with as much work as we have been doing, Millahue is just a really rough sector and we haven’t been able to see as many of the fruits as we would have liked to.  We were able to prepare the sector a lot better for the next person to come, but it’s been a hard time. 

It’s been a learning experience for me, and I know that the Lord blessed us with success at the most difficult times.  But also we have been able to work a lot with less active members and recent converts which always is a good time for me.  We also were able to do some service for some of them so that was good.  At the end of the week my companion got all packed to go home and we said goodbye to some people and as fast as Elder Katschke had come, he was gone.  It was a little sad saying bye to him but I know that his time in the mission was used very well and it was his time to go. 

Something else that was very cool that happened was I was able to see my convert Charlotte this past week!  She was in Temuco  for a winter vacation and she stopped by to see me!  It was really cool to see and talk to her again and rough to have to say goodbye again. 

That was pretty much everything that happened this week but today is transfers!   My new companion is going to be Elder Shapiro!  He is going to be my second companion that is from Kaysville and went to Davis!  Also he is going to be the second person who I “kill” in the mission.  So yeah two companions in a row who are ending their missions haha.  But it should be a good time.  That’s all for this week, love and miss you all!

Elder Clay

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