Monday, July 27, 2015

Millahue a tough sector, A stove at last! Elder Cumlef

Mis chiquillos, I have to ask forgiveness again for not writing a group letter last week, not gonna lie I was just really lazy and procrastinated until the last minute and then didn’t end up doing it, but don’t worry I’ll inform you on all the big things that have happened these past 2 week. Haha and that’s the thing, not a lot of big things have happened these past weeks.

Elder Shapiro and I have almost literally contacted all day every day for these weeks.  It’s been pretty rough here, I’m to the point where I’ve contacted every house in my sector at least 2 times so they already know me and recognize my hair!  Millahue has always been known for being a pretty tough sector but we are keeping out attitudes up and trying to stay positive and have a good time through it all.  I know that after my time here I will be able to appreciate the hard work I have done here and will be able to look back with a smile. 

My time with Eder Shapiro has been a good time, we get along very well and he’s a homie.  When he arrived two weeks ago, making it back to our house with his suitcases was probably the easiest experience I’ve had traveling back to sectors with suitcases, so that was a tender mercy.  I now live with Elder Shapiro, (my comp), Elder Celesino, a Chicano who lived in Utah his entire life and speaks like 5 languages; and Elder Barco, a Mexican who just came from starting his mission in Coronel where I was previous to here.  It is cool to be able to talk to him about all the goings on in Coronel.  Our house is a pretty good time we all get along really well so that’s good.  FINALLY, after about waiting two months for it, we got a wood stove in our house so we’re not freezing 24/7 anymore.  It’s pretty fun to chop the wood and practice making fires as much as we do now. 

Lately with the members at lunch we have been asking about their conversion stories and how they came to know the Gospel.  It’s been really cool to hear the stories and all the experiences that people have had. It is a testimony builder for me and helps my faith to hear about everything that has happened in their conversion process.  It’s just the best when we ask the big strong hard dads and watch them getting all choked up when they tell us, so cool.  Also Elder Shapiro and I have been listening to a lot of Brad Wilcox talks, he is one of my favorite people who gives talks to the youth.  Everything he seems to say either makes me laugh or reflect about something so it helps me a lot.  Lately with the few people that we have been able to find to teach a lot of them have seemed to be Mapuche, the natives of Chile.  They have their own traditions and background in religion so it’s been really cool to learn about what they believe and how they practice religion.  Most of them don’t believe in a set figure of Jesus Christ or God, so it’s just like we are teaching as Ammon was teaching to King Lamoni in Alma 18 haha!

Oh a really funny , well I thought it was funny, experience that we had is we contacted a house and this big, old guy came strutting out of his house.  The thing is he had one of those while Catholic collars on and had a GIANT gold cross hanging from his neck and was puffing a cigarette. Haha it was quite the sight.  He actually turned out to be very respectful and we had a good conversation, Chile is the best. 

Last P-day we went up to a sector in our zone with about 10 missionaries and played  soccer with a bunch of teenage Chileans because they are on winter vacations.  We played full field and I hadn’t run in a long time and it killed me!  But it was a lot of fun to play soccer with a bunch of my friends on the mission.  I missed the physical contact of lacrosse!  Another thing that happened last week was I did an exchange with Elder Cumlef from Argentina!  The funny thing was that about a year ago we did an exchange together in my first sector.  We’ve always gotten along really well so we had a good time.  His English is good and is improving but Latinos accents when they speak English are so funny.  I can say that because they all say that about gringo’s accents when they talk in Spanish.  We had some crazy experiences together, ranging from thinking that he had gotten stolen in the house of these people to setting a baptismal date with a woman that we found that was a miracle.

Nothing happened here for the 24th of July unfortunately.  I didn’t even realize it was that day until around 10:30pm that night.  Actually that day I stayed in the house with one of the other Elders who was really sick.  I watched all the Bible videos that our church has put out, they are so sweet.  Jesus was just the best ever.  Oh that reminds me of this little old lady that we taught.  Well mainly she was just teaching us about what she believes.  She told us all about aliens and how the USA knows all about them.  She was going off but she was a cute little old grandma type so I couldn’t help but smile and nod.  The people that we meet on the mission are incredible and the experiences are unlike any others.  Well I think that’s about all that has happened.  Hope that everything is going well back home for everyone!  Know that you all are in my prayers! Have a good week!
Elder Clay

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