Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Illness, Copa America, 1 Year Mark!

Hey guys, this week my letter is not going to be very long because I was sick in bed due to a pretty bad sickness.  Last Sunday in the night I started having really bad aches and pains in my neck and my back and also up and down my arms and legs.  It was horrible haha.  Monday and Tuesday I was in bed trying to get over it but it wouldn’t go away.  We thought it was the flu or a virus or something.  Wednesday I finally went to the doctor and he told me that he couldn’t hear my right lung very well and I had to have an x-ray.  My right lung didn’t show up very well so they came to the conclusion that I either have bronchitis or pneumonia and they gave me some pills to take.  I have another appointment with the doctor today I’m pretty much all cleared up from my pains but I’m still stuck with a bad cough.  The doctor’s office in Spanish is a lot more complicated and harder for me that the Gospel in Spanish.

Another huge thing that happened this week was the end of the Copa America, which was a tournament that has been going on down here in Chile.  On Saturday Chile played Argentina in the finals and Chile won it!  It’s the first time that Chile has ever won it so it was huge.  It was so cool to be here and experience it, the people we were with started crying and then they left the house and went running in the streets screaming. Haha, the people here are very emotional about soccer. This all happened on the fourth of July so it was kind of like we were celebrating the independence of the United States.   For lunch that day the people made us a disco which is pretty much a barbecue but the meat is cooked in liquid, it’s the best.  

Probably the last thing that is big that happened this week was I completed 1 year in the mission!  It was also the birthday of Elder Casmuz in our house so we celebrated both of them by buying pizza and lemon pie.  I also burned one of my shirts as a representation that I completed one year!  It was a lot of fun and it was a good night.  This past year in the mission has been amazing and I’m looking forward to this next year.  Chile has treated me well.  That’s it for this week, but next week is the last week in the mission for my companion so it should be a good one!  Hope that everyone has a good week!

Elder Clay

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