Monday, September 28, 2015

Ankle Injury and Hospital Visits

Familia y amigos,

Well everybody, might as well start off with the bad news that I have because it is the biggest thing that happened this week.  Last week I said I had rolled my ankle playing soccer and thought it was sprained. Well, Tuesday I went to the hospital because our mission nurse wanted me to get an x-ray of it to make sure that nothing was wrong with it. Something was wrong with it, I went to the hospital in Temuco and got it x-rayed and my ankle is fractured.  I have to walk around in this huge boot and with a cane.  It’s not like a cool walking cane, it’s more of an “injured old guy who can’t walk” cane, pretty embarrassing.  My foot is pretty much a purple stump right now, it’s really swollen and the bruising covers my entire foot except for my toes.  However, it was fun there in the hospital because we ran into Elder Celestino and Elder Casperson, who are now living together in my old sector Millahue, so it was fun talking with them and chilling for a little bit. Going home was difficult because it started raining and I was just hobbling to the bus station to get back to Victoria.  I am still working here in my sector doing contacting and teaching, but now I leave a little bit later and I can’t be outside if it is raining.  Unfortunately, Spring rains are coming and have been starting this week so I have had to spend some time in the house.

Another event that happened this week is we had a conference with our Mission President in Temuco, so we had to go down there again.  It was a good conference and I liked it a lot.  After, Elder Faas and I went to the hospital there, because a friend of ours, who lives in Cunco is in the hospital going through the procedures to get rid of cancer that she has.  She was so happy to see us and very grateful to have us come and visit her.  Also her son is one of the coolest kids I’ve met in Chile and is a really good friend. 

English classes are still really good, and I’m getting to know a bunch of the people who I teach and now we’re all friends, it’s fun.  Lately in our sector it has been really hard because we had to do a ton of things this week and we weren’t able to do the work in it   We haven’t been able to visit our investigators a lot this week but we are doing everything that we can.  It’s been hard but I know that we will keep doing everything that we can and the Lord will bless us.
and on top of that, now I have this problem with my ankle.

 To wrap up this week I want to invite you all to read Jacob 6.  And you have no excuse not to do it because it is very short :) It’s one of my favorite chapters, although it’s very direct and a bit harsh, it helps me stay close to the rod.  Cleave unto God as he cleaveth unto you.  Love you all, have a good week.

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