Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Service, Elders Healey, Wallace & Noyce,and Brian

This week in Victoria was another good one!  At the start of the week it was actually warming up pretty well but in the night and mornings it was absolutely freezing!  This weekend it started raining and I don’t think it has stopped since then!  Regardless of the weather we have been able to teach a lot of people this week and do a lot of service. I have loved it.

I will start off from the start of the week so I don’t forget anything.  This week we started running as a house.  It has been a lot of fun and we are helping Elder Wallace get in shape because he is ending his mission this transfer.  It’s been pretty hard to get my companion out of bed early so we can go running but once we are out there, we have a lot of fun.  I never thought I would be this out of shape haha. 

My relationship with my companion has been really good.  I don’t think we have ever not had something to talk about in the streets.  Also I think this house is the most fun one I have been in and I am making life-long friends with Elder Healey and Elder Wallace.  At the start of this week we had been putting up a lot of signs everywhere because we are starting an English class here.  We even went to a couple of radio stations for here in Victoria and announced the class over them, pretty fun!  In the middle of the week I did an exchange with a kid named Elder Noyce who is from South Jordan!  He only has been on the mission for 3 months but he is a really good guy and played lacrosse before so we had a good time.  We were in his sector called Curacautin and it’s very beautiful there.  You can see three volcanoes at about all times and is a very touristic spot because of the skiing.  I realized that day that I can pretty much find something in common with every person I work with, it’s pretty funny. 

This weekend was probably the coolest thing that happened this week.  So some lady told us, after rejecting us so hard J, told us about a guy named Willey who was in need of a lot of help.  We weren’t sure what to expect so we went there to see what we could do.  He was a 65 year old man who can’t walk by himself and his house burned down about a year ago.  He is now living in a room that doesn’t have a door, the walls are like arms width apart and only a bed fits in it. He has to have people help him with everything because he doesn’t have anything and can’t do anything.  He’s family pretty much abandoned him, so his neighbors have been helping him.  The thing is that they live in a neighborhood that is the poorest area I have seen yet in Chile, so his neighbors don’t have a lot to offer either.  We did what we could that day and returned another day with everything we could that we had in our house that would help him.  When we were there a guy passed by from the government and we talked with him so that they could move Willey into the hospital or a place where old people go and he said that by today, Monday, he should be in a place.  Hopefully he’s good now.  

When we were leaving from his house, we saw an old lady receive a moving  truck full of wood and we asked if we could help.  I have never moved and cut so much wood in my mission and my hand is still sore from that day haha.  The old lady was very humble and grateful, I have no idea what she was thinking she was going to do because it took us four missionaries 6 hours to cut and organize it all and it killed all of us.  It was a really cool experience.

The last thing that happened this week that was awesome was that we were walking through the central of Victoria when someone tapped me on the shoulder.  I turned around and saw that it was Brian from Cornel!  I don’t know if you’ll remember, but Elder Healey and I baptized him when we were together.  He said that he was vacationing in Victoria and was going to come to church in Victoria!  It was pretty cool to be with him and Elder Healey again talking about the good ol’ times.  It was testimony meeting and Brian got up and bore his testimony, it was sweet, it was such a good way to end the week.  I also bore my testimony on the need and amazingness of offering service.  I know of the joy that comes from it and the true spirit that we feel after doing it.  I know that there will always be people worse off than we are and it is our opportunity to help them.  You all know Mosiah 2:17 and I have a firm testimony in that scripture.  This week have been an amazing week and I hope the same for all of you.  And if it wasn’t, make this next one better!

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