Monday, August 31, 2015

Victoria, 4 Investigators, Funny Skit

Family and Friends,
Well I am going to have to stop asking for forgiveness for not writing some weeks because I know that I will not be able to write every week haha. But as for last week we had transfers and I got a surprise transfer so I was not able to have time to write out a weekly letter for all of you. A lot has happened these past two weeks so I will fill you all in on what I can remember!

I got the transfers and found out that I was heading up to Victoria! And that I was going to be with Elder Fuimaono! To tell you a little bit about Victoria, it is the coldest sector in the mission! I have heard a lot about it because Elder Casperson, Healey, Katschke, and Shapiro were all here and they have all been companions of mine! I am actually living with Elder Healey right now and it is a blast and really fun living with someone who I have already been companions with, plus he is from Davis County and a homie!

We are living right now with four gringos so we have a really good time in the house and it is really funny. The companion of Elder Healey is Elder Wallace who was my zone leader in Temuco and he is a homie too so it’s just the best house ever. Our house is really cool, it’s a lot like the house in Millahue, but here we don’t have a Mamita so we have to do all of our laundry ourselves, which means there are always clothes hung up by the fire!

To tell you guys a little bit more about my companion Elder Fuimaono, he is from Hawaii and is, as you can tell by his name, Polynesian. He is really funny and we get along really well with each other. We have had an amazing week and we were able to have a  lot of success even with this sector that hasn’t had success in a long time. We had four investigators in church yesterday! And they are all really good! The only problem is that we have a lot of investigators that need to get married here haha. I think that that is the biggest problem here in Chile.

Saying bye to everyone in Millahue was pretty hard. I had met some amazing people and I love the members there. I was able to pass by successful for ten houses in 3 hours so that was amazing to say bye to all of them. I will miss that sector a lot.

Probably the funniest thing that happened this week was our activity that we had in the church. It was supposed to be an activity where people brought desserts and stuff and it turned out amazing! It was the most successful activity that this branch has had in a long time! We were cooking cinnamon and cookies all day and practicing our skit that we did. We did the thing where there are four people but it looks just like two midgets who are together and having a conversation. I have it all on video and the people just thought it was the funniest thing ever. I was the arms for Elder Fui so I had a good time:)

On Saturday I was asked to give a talk for the next day.  Gotta be prepared as a missionary. But it went really well! I surprised myself on how easily I gave it without preparing at all. The Spanish is not a problem now and the gospel and teachings and scriptures are just habit in my mind now. All in all I have loved my time here in Victoria. I’m not able to write a lot this week and I will try and answer other questions that you have next week! Love all of you! Have a good week!

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