Monday, October 26, 2015

"Mission" for my Millahue Bishop, Concert at the church

Hey everybody,

This week flew by, but it was a really good one.  Something really cool that happened last week on P-day was I was able to call my bishop from my old sector in Millahue because he had sent me on a “mission” to find the ex-missionary who baptized him like 40 years ago.  He now lives here in Victoria and is inactive.  I was able to find him and help him get in contact with my old bishop and he even came to church.  When I called my old bishop to tell him the news about me finding him, he was beyond happy and grateful to hear from me because he had sent a lot of missionaries with the information to find him over all these years but I was the only one who has responded and followed up. He thanked me a million times and said he’d never forget me, it was really cool to see the joy of him being able to get in contact with the missionary who baptized him. 

Another thing that was cool this week was we coordinated with the government of Victoria and the school district and we had an orchestra made up of little kids come play in our church. It was really cool because everyone in Victoria was invited and the church was pretty much filled with people who were not members. Also it was really good because we saw the people walking around the church looking at all the pictures of Jesus Christ and the people could see inside the church for what it really is.  Some of our investigators came who had never been inside the church so that was really good as well.  The music that the kids performed was really impressive for how young they are and it was wonderful to see that music can really touch our spirit and mind even though it’s not church music.  They even gave a little bit of time to our President of the Branch to introduce us as a church and tell what we believe and stuff.  He talked about how God is who has given us our gifts and talents, it was really cool.

Funny experience:  We had a practice baptism with one of our investigators whose name is K….  She is 9 and we have been working with her mom because she is less active.  Anyways, K… is really scared of the water and so we offered to have a little practice run with her in the water to help her get over her fears.  My companion spent an hour in the water with that little girl trying to get her head under the water, but she wouldn’t haha.  It was quite the scene but we think she feels a little bit more comfortable now and hopefully she can go under without fear the day of the baptism. 

This week in church we were able to have a bunch of investigators come to church but there are a lot of little kids who we are teaching and I feel like a dad having to be in charge of them all and control them.  Haha, they are all crazy but it’s a lot of fun.
                                        Well it looks like his ankle is feeling better!

Some other stuff that has continued this week, choir practice, English classes, lots of contacting and more haters in the streets.  Also I did an exchange with Elder Stevenson, it was a lot of fun and we have plans to chill after the mission.  That’s about it for this week.  I love all of you guys, keep reading the scriptures, praying, attending church and keeping the commandments :)  The Gospel is simple.  Have a good week!

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