Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Christmas early, Gospel betters lives, the Chiropractor

Family and Friends,

I don’t have a lot of time but I’ll fill you guys in with a little bit of what I did this week.  I received one of  the packages that my parents sent me for Christmas and it was obvious that there were fiddle lacrosse sticks in it and I wasn’t going to wait until Christmas to play with them!  So I opened the package and only took the two sticks out and nothing else, saving the rest until Christmas.  It’s been a fun week playing with them the little time we have in the house and it’s fun trying to teach the other guys in the house how to play and a little about what lacrosse actually is.

I was able to do a baptismal interview for a lady named C.  She was very humble and prepared to be baptized.  The change that she made in her life was very impressive and I know that the Gospel, when applied, betters our lives and improves our situation.  She was baptized this Saturday and the Elders told me it went very well and she was very happy.

Lately in our teachings my companion and I have been focusing on inspired questions to help and teach the people.  It is something that I absolutely love and have a strong testimony of.  It’s incredible the way that you can touch a person’s heart just by asking the right question. 

                                            Now that took a lot of walking!!!

We have had to go to Temuco a lot recently, which is an hour away by bus, for my companions back.  One of the days this week we went to a Chiropractor and after he did work on my companion, he asked me if I wanted to be re-aligned or whatever and I was more than willing.  It felt so good after and I have never heard so many pops than when he did it to me. haha

For the Christmas activity for the mission, all the zones have to do a skit or video and what we are doing in Victoria is going to be pretty funny.  We are doing a musical sketch to the song “My Christmas Wish” by Alex Boye.  It is really evangelical and actually what my part in it is I’m pretending to be him and lip-singing the whole thing.  There’s four of us who are clapping like as if we were in a Baptist/evangelical church. Hallelujah!  Haha it is going to be hilarious but really good and spiritual too.  It relates a story of a mom and her family and we are doing it as if she was receiving the missionaries and then her whole family gets baptized at the end. A family of 8, miracle!

That’s it for this week.  Love you all!  Have a good week.

Elder Clay

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