Monday, December 7, 2015

John 3:16

A short excerpt from the small amount Elder Clay was able to write to us today:
I wasn't able to watch the First Presidency Christmas devotional because it was at 10 at night here in Chile and I'm pretty much asleep at that time because I'm so tired from the days. John 3:16 is one of my favorite scriptures and I find that people don't really understand the greatness and simplicity of that verse. The love that God has for every single one of us is something that has motivated me to keep on going in my most difficult times. I know that I am not perfect and far from it. But it is incredible to me to think that God sent his son to this earth to bring to pass the possibility that all of us have now to repent and become better people. I'm very grateful for his love and perfect plan. We actually have been sharing lately a new video that is called Ha Nacido Un Salvador or A Savior is Born in English, I'm sure that you can find on But at the end it makes the statement, Find out why. And I have found that pretty much everyone knows that God sent his son and they know what Christ did but they don't know why. They don't understand the fall and the need that we had of a Savior. Its been an amazing time sharing about that.  My forty day fast ended last week, it was very cool to see the changes that came into my life and the progress that I have seen.

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