Monday, April 27, 2015

Coronel, Concepcion, Boca Sur, Los Angeles and transfers today

Family and Friends,

This past week in Cornel was a pretty good one, a lot of hard working and contacting, we are still looking for those people that are prepared to receive our message.  I started out this week with an exchange with Elder Torrente.  He was actually in the zone that I arrived, so I have known him my entire mission.  He’s from Columbia and has about 15 months in the mission, he’s from a really secluded place in Columbia. He grew up on a farm and with practically no technology or anything like that, and he literally is one of the most funny, goofy, crazy guys I have met.  He reminds me of my friends back home, so we had a good time.  He is actually our zone leader so it was cool to work with him and learn some new stuff.  He kept me laughing all day with his facial gestures and how he talks to people. haha

 Goodbye Cake from a great family!

                                                          My Coronel Soccer Team
Another thing that happened this week is I had to go to Concepcion with Elder Espitia, one of the other missionaries in the house, to go to the doctors because he did something to his wrist.  I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but I love going to Concepcion.  It reminds me a lot of Salt Lake City, but it’s a little bit smaller.  We thought the appointment for his wrist was at 2:00 but it was actually at 4:00 so we had some extra time.  Pretty funny that when we started to walk, the assistants drove past us in their car and we ended up going to lunch with them.  It was a good time.  

Also this week we had a conference with our entire mission! We had to sleep the night before in the house of a place called Boca Sur.  It’s pretty sketchy here and it’s the most dangerous/gangster part of the mission.  A couple of weeks ago, just outside their house, four people were killed by a fight and drive by.  Pretty crazy stuff.  I would want to experience this sector!  But where they live is horrible.  The Elder’s that are in that sector and who we slept with are all homies.  Elder Maguino who was my old companion and had lost a ton of weight, Elder Stevensen who is from Weber and played lacrosse and know people I know, Elder Yson, a kid I’ve known my entire mission and is really funny and Elder Goires, who is from Brazil and is the most chill and cool kid ever.  All in all it was a really fun night spent there.

In the morning we left at 6 am for a place called Los Angeles to go meet up with all the other missionaries.  At the conference we had the opportunity to hear from Elder Dallin H. Oaks by transmission from Santiago.  At the start the connection wasn’t good at all and we couldn’t hear anything, but after some prayers and messing with some stuff we got it to work.  It was amazing to hear from one of the twelve apostles and I was able to receive some instruction I needed. 
After we ate lunch and socialized for a bit I mainly talked with Elder Knecht, who ends his mission next transfer.  I miss that guy.  Well that’s pretty much everything that happened this week but as you guys might know, today is cambios and…
                                       Saying goodbye to Elder Healey & Brian

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