Monday, April 13, 2015

Service, Elder Yamado, Strange Taxi Ride

Another week come and gone here in Coronel.  We are entering winter here in Chile and we saw a little bit of what is to come this winter during this past week.  I had to bring out my big rain coat one day because it was pouring pretty hard.  I can’t decide if I like the rain or not.  I have mixed emotions, it’s a love-hate relationship! 

We had a pretty eventful service project this week at the house of one of the sisters in our branch. The Hermana asked us to come to her house to help her cut wood, but that’s all she told us.  So we showed up in church clothes not thinking that it was going to be anything that hard or big and that we could do it pretty fast.  We were wroooong.  We were SO wrong. What she asked us to do included us practically rearranging all this wood in her backyard and taking apart and cutting all the big pieces into smaller.  I’m thinking all the wood came from a house that fell down during the earthquake because I was pretty much tearing apart a house out there.  What made it worse is that it changed from raining to a heat wave within the time we were there.  I was just dying, I came out of that service project with a ripped shirt, cut up arms and beyond sweaty, but it’s all good because we helped a cute elderly lady :)

Also this week there was a fog storm where we wouldn’t see even a couple of feet in front of us, that was pretty cool.  I had an exchange with a missionary named Elder Yamado.  He is from Lone Peak in Utah, has a cambio less than me in the mission and is a homie.  He was actually companions in Mexico at the CCM with one of my friends Jackson Anderson, who I played lacrosse with all growing up.  All in all he is a very cool kid and we had a really good day together.  Talking to other missionaries about their previous life is always really fun. 

Something that was pretty creepy that happened to us this week is we had to take a colectivo, which is like a taxi.  About half way through the ride the driver stopped on the side of the road, he had been asking us really weird questions.  I’m pretty sure he thought we were all spies from a different country and that we were here to smuggle drugs in and out of Chile, pretty funny.  We came to find out that he is a pastor and pretty much just the typical Chilean who doesn’t want us in his country, haha.  We finally got out of his car after about 25 minutes that was supposed to be a 5 minute drive, pretty crazy.

We continue searching and teaching and looking for the people the Lord has prepared.  This upcoming week might be my last week in Coronel which is pretty weird to think.  In the time that I have had in Coronel, I have learned many things  and had some bad times but I have had many more good times.  I have met some amazing people that are my brothers and sisters and I will be friends with them for the rest of my life.  I’ll never forget Coronel.  I will talk more about this next week when we find out our transfers.  Well that’s it for this week, love all of you guys and pray for you every night.  Have a good week!
Elder Clay

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