Monday, April 27, 2015

Temuco, COLD, the Utah Jazz, demolishing a roof and more!

Good Ol’ Temuco,

Friends and family, saludos from Temuco Chile once again!  Last week I wasn’t able to send the group email so this week I will send that one and one for this past week, to catch you up on what’s happened.  Transfers were last week and I got transferred out of Coronel and I’m back in Temuco where I started my mission!  I’m in a different stake than I was the first time but as far as my sector looks, feels, smells and sounds, I’m back in good Ol’ Temuco. 
                                 Glad his welcome back wasn't like this from everyone!

Saying goodbye to some of the people in Cornel was pretty hard, even as prepared as I was to leave that sector.  I thought I’ve learned how to control my emotions a little bit better since I’ve been on the mission but saying goodbye to some amazing friends, a few tears were shed.  Transferring all my stuff from Coronel to Millahue (my new sector) was honestly a pain due to getting on and off of all the busses and also there was fog covering everything in the morning.  I had so much stuff, and I wasn’t sure how to get where I was going.  But I arrive in Temuco again with all my stuff safe and sound after a 5 hour bus ride pretty much laughing the entire time because I sat next to Elder Torrente.  

My companion here in Millahue is Elder Ludena! He is from Peru and has 20 months in the mission.  We actually lived together for a transfer together in Cornel. So I know him pretty well and he’s a chill guy.  I have hit it off pretty well since the beginning when I got here with all of the members and the people we are working with.  In this sector, they don’t have a lot of investigators but we have been working a lot with less active and recent convert members.  My days this past week have been filled with lots of walking and lots of contacting.  The people haven’t been the most receptive or  haven’t even come out of their houses to give us the time of day but we are keeping up the enthusiasm and keep up the hard work.  

In Chile now it is freezing.  In the morning we can see our breath in our house and we dress in coats to study haha.  In the night Temuco is just covered in smoke due to the stoves that people use to heat their house so pretty much all my stuff smells like smoke now.  

A couple of cool things that happened this week…  We were contacting and an old guy came out of his house and started to talk to me in English.  He told me he has shared with missionaries before and he has a Book of Mormon and everything, but he doesn’t really want anything.  Then he started to talk to me about the Utah Jazz and how John Stockton is his favorite basketball player in all time and how he is the best player of all time.  Also how Karl Malone wouldn’t have been anything without him, it was pretty funny and cool. 

In my house, I’m an Uncle!  A missionary named Elder Hatch is training and my nephew is from Argentina!  He’s a pretty cool kid and we get along well. Crazy that he ends his mission in 2017. We tease him by saying that year is so far away and is never going to arrive, just like I got teased and everyone else when they start the mission.

My zone here in Temuco is full of cool missionaries, Elder Knecht, I get to watch him die,( end his mission), Elder Parkin, I get to play lacrosse with fiddle sticks again and some other missionaries who are cool.  

This past Saturday in the morning we did service for this Hermana which required us to remove the roof off the side of her house and take out a bunch of stuff.  It was pretty funny but pretty dangerous, luckily we were able to do it without any injuries.  

We had an activity this week in the ward which was pretty fun.  It was a get to meet everyone night and everyone brought desserts.  A lot of people showed up, we have about 150 people in the ward which is the most I’ve ever seen yet. 

Oh my house! My house is pretty good as far as houses in the mission go.  I stay with the streak of not having a good shower in my house, hot water only like half of the time.  But everything else is pretty nice.  Well nice in the mission ha ha.  That has pretty much been everything that’s happened this last week.  

I want to close this out by saying how great it is to be able to have a patriarchal blessing.  Throughout my mission it has been amazing to have.  For me, it is an end-goal.  The advice and blessings promised have helped me carry on through the difficult times and I encourage everyone to read theirs often or if they don’t have on start preparing to be worthy to receive it.  The Lord has provided many ways and sources of comfort and guidance, and that is one of them.  I hope and pray that you all can have a good week and be protected and guided by the hand of the Lord.  Also if there is anything that I can do, just ask.  Love and miss you all.

Elder Clay

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