Monday, June 29, 2015

Volcano Llaima, Chile in Semifinals Soccer, Exchanges, Conference

Hey guys sorry I didn’t write last week.  I will try to fill you in on everything that has happened for the last two weeks.  Two weeks ago from today on P-day we had a really fun activity between the two zones here in Temuco.  (Pictures on my last blog entry) We all piled into a bus and headed up to a volcano named Llaima.  It was the first time that I had seen snow in a year and we had a fun time throwing snowballs and hiking up there.  Unfortunately it was pretty foggy so we weren’t able to see the volcano very well but it was still a really fun time.

 Later that night there was a Chile soccer game, which for the past couple of weeks there have been and Chile hasn’t lost yet in the world cup and they are playing against Peru tonight in the semifinals!  I LOVE watching soccer now, something I never thought I would say, and the Chile team is so sweet.

Also that week I did an exchange with and Elder named Elder Oxborrow.  This is his first transfer in the mission so it was really fun working with a newbie.  We were in a place called Carahue which is in the middle of nowhere but it was very beautiful there and it reminded me of the scenery from The Hobbit.  I  met a family there that was one of my most favorite families I have met.  We hit it off from the moment I got there and now the mom wants me to marry one of the daughters and take them back to the United States.  I had to reject the offer at the moment haha.   However, they made plans to come visit me after the mission.  It still shocks me how much I love meeting new people and how amazing some of the people I meet are.  I also did two more exchanges this week with the other Elders in our house.  Elder Hatch and Elder Casmuz, so that was a lot of fun.

For the past couple of weeks we have been finding and losing people to teach a lot but the one cousin of the member that came to church two weeks ago has been progressing well.  His name is Joaquin and I think we are going to be able to prepare him to get baptized on the 11th of July, the last day my companion works in the mission!  It’s very cool to see how the Lord prepares people for us but how it’s our responsibility to find them.

Another big thing that happened this past week was that we had a conference with the Area Seventy, the President of the South America Area, President Gonzalez.  The conference was really good and I learned a lot from him and President Bluth.  I also was able to see Elder Haynes, my companion from the MTC and Elder Casperson and Elder Healey, my two old comps who are actually companions now! And Elder Katschke was comps with Elder Casperson once so it’s like we just did a swap haha. 

The last thing that was cool that happened was a ward activity on Saturday.  We had an “Argentina Night” so we pretty much just drank mate, which is kind of like a tea, and ate all sorts of typical foods from Argentina.  Also some members in our ward put on a show and danced Tango.  I wanted to participate and learn how to dance it but unfortunately we can’t dance as missionaries, as I have said before.  I’m am going to learn how to do it after the mission!  That’s pretty much all that has happened that was noteworthy for the past two weeks.  Hope everyone has a good week!

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