Monday, August 17, 2015

Moving, Have Faith Elder & Stake Conference

This week was a rather interesting one, but don’t get me wrong, it was a very good one! This week was filled with service and events and it has been amazing to experience the feelings that come along as we serve. To start off, last Monday we helped a brother in our ward because he had to move or rather change office buildings.  He was told on short  notice and he had to have everything completely moved out before the next day, so he called the missionaries haha.  It was us three and his old little pickup truck.  I will never forget the experience of driving in the city on busy streets with the back of his truck filled above the top of the truck with tables and desks, just praying we didn’t get in a crash or that something wouldn’t fall out the back.  It was a pretty crazy and fun experience.

I have felt a lot like a mover-man recently because another day this week we had to go to a house in our zone of a sector that they are closing down and we had to move all of the stuff out by the next day.  We also had to clean the whole house and you can imagine how the house was, being as how missionaries had live there for like nine years.  But it was pretty cool because we were able to take some of the furniture and stuff out and bring it to our house.  So now our house looks really nice inside and actually like a real home!  It was also funny too because there was a ton of stuff from my old companion, Elder Knecht, because he had ended his mission in that house.  So we cleaned everything and took everything out and then we had to call a movers truck to take all the stuff from there to our house.  There was SO much stuff we needed to take and we thought the guy would be coming in some huge truck, but then he showed up and it was just this tiny little van, that people usually drive around selling vegetables and eggs in.  But miraculously that little Chilean fit all of our stuff in that little van and then after he talked to me about faith.  Ha ha I never thought that on my mission, a mover man would tell me that I need to have more faith!  He was a pretty funny little guy and we drove with him all the way to our house talking to him about his life.  He told us that right then he was working, in the afternoon he was sleeping and in the morning he had been drinking, hahaha I love people.

                          New furniture and notice the air freshener on the table! 

Also this week we had interviews with our Mission President.  Every time I talk to him and his wife, it is a good time.  They are both loving and smart and believe it  or not they are already talking to me about after the mission and preparing me with tips and advice, they’re the best.

To end off the week we had stake conference!  We had visiting one of the seventies whose name is Elder D. Giovanni.  He is from Argentina and a very funny and smart man.  There were a lot of things that they talked about in this conference that strengthened my faith and testimony.  I absolutely love the joy that comes from the gospel and the plan that God has for us and our families.  I love as well the happiness that comes from temporal things as well, and I’m very grateful to God for letting us experience these things. I would like to share a scripture to close this letter off.  It’s found in 2 Corinthians 4:16-18. Our difficulties and day to day struggles will pass, but the joy of the gospel and plan of salvation are eternal.  You are all in my prayers,  have a good week.

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