Monday, August 10, 2015

Wet exchanges, Moving the Sisters, Two investigators came to church!

This week in Temuco was a really good one, but a really wet one!  The Winter rain keeps on going hard here but in about one month it should start to clear up and Spring should begin.  My companion now only has two more weeks in his mission and I have yet another good example as a companion of a missionary who keeps on working hard until the end. 

This week we were able to find and teach some really cool people and have some fun.  We started off this week with an exchange within the zone and I was here in Millahue with Elder Hoffman.  He is one of our zone leaders and is a really chill guy.  He has 3 more transfers than me in the mission and is from Wisconsin. He played lacrosse before the mission, one of the very few, and has a pretty cool story how he got to the mission.   We contacted the entire day but it was a good time because we were able to enter into some houses and we were actually able to find an old investigator named Joaquin!  I and Elder Katschke were teaching him about two months ago but for a while we lost contact with him.  However,  we passed by and he remembered everything we had taught him and is just as receptive as before! Pretty cool to see how the Lord is always preparing people to hear our message.

The day after that was also a day to remember.  We got a break from all the contacting and we spent the entire day helping some sister missionaries in our zone change houses.  I didn’t think it was going to take that long but I don’t think I realized how much stuff that girls have, SO MUCH STUFF.  The entire day was spent loading truck and car loads of their things and taking them to their new apartments, which are SO nice.  Probably the nicest in the mission, up on the fourth floor.  So I bet you can imagine how my legs and arms felt carrying all the stuff up and down all those flights of stairs haha.  But it was a fun time doing all of it and organizing and setting up their new houses.  It was cool to see that the member who had trucks and bigger cars offered to come and help, there were about 7 of us in all who performed the moving of all the stuff.  Setting up the bunk beds was probably the most complicated part because we had to set it all up and we didn’t really look how we took it apart! Haha  All in all it was really a good day of service.

That night, back at our own house, we decided to do a type of sleepover thing and we moved all of our mattresses down stairs on to the floor in front of the wood stove and then we got the fire going so hot, and that’s how we spent the night.  We talked about everything ranging from the mission to back home.  Pretty fun experience. 

The next day I did another exchange but this time just with the other Elders in our house because Elder Celestino is our district leader.  I was with Elder Barco, he’s from just a little bit out of Mexico City and is a homie.  I get along very well with him, I think he is one of the chillest missionaries I’ve met.  We were in their sector and I swear every time that I go to a different sector to do an exchange we find the most amazing receptive people ever and it makes me want to stay in that sector!  But we had a good time together.

On Saturday, I probably got more wet outside than I ever have before in my mission.  It was raining very hard the entire day and we were outside the entire day contacting and we didn’t enter in one house, it was pretty rough.  But we did pass by this garden cemetery where there were statues of Jesus and other figures in the Bible, so that was cool. 

Yesterday Joaquin and one of our other investigators  Jeny came to church, it was awesome.  All in all this week was a really fast and fun one!  My faith and knowledge keep growing on this mission and I’m having amazing experiences!  Let me know how everyone is doing back home!

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