Monday, February 22, 2016

Changes in People's Lives are Miracles

This week went by incredibly fast and I can’t believe that it is already Monday again!  This week was a really good week and everything is going well here!  My son, Elder Gordillo, and I get along really well and we are enjoying being together.  I enjoy working with him because like most new missionaries in the field, he has a lot of fire to work and he is very real with the people.  On top of that, he is really funny and has me laughing most of the day.  Since he got here, we have been working with less active members and trying to complete families who have one or two members of their family who aren’t members.  Also, a lot of contacting trying to find new investigators to teach.  All in all we’re just having a good time.  Sometimes he talks to me about how close I am to finishing the mission but I try to change the subject to avoid thinking about it, everything has it’s time.

To give you an update on C and D and their family, this week they had their baptismal interview and all three of them passed!  However this past Sunday and next Sunday C had events for work so he couldn’t attend church.  We thought it best to wait until he can be confirmed the Sunday after he is baptized with his family.  So their baptismal date is set for the 5th of March and they are really prepared and ready for it!  It has been quite the journey with them and I have been through so many experiences from the good to the bad, but I know that they have been learning a lot and starting to trust and look to God for help and support.  It’s amazing.  Please continue to keep them in your prayers so that they can stay strong and have the spiritual strength until their baptism. 

We are also now working with this single mom who has 5 children and has had some rough experiences in her life.  She has come to church the past two Sundays with her children and her progress in returning to the church looks really good.  I am great friends with the kids and they are awesome.  Two of them are over the age of baptism but haven’t been baptized yet so we’re working on making that happen.

Another thing that happened this week that was really fun was finally after 20 months in the mission I got to work with my best friend from the MTC,  Elder Washburn!  We’ve been waiting a long time for this and we spent the entire day laughing and talking as we walked and walked the streets of Canete making contacts.   He’s such a good guy and will be a lifelong friend. 

I have been doing baptismal interview with some really amazing people.  Hearing their conversion stories is so incredible and strengthens and grows my testimony so much.  The changes that happen in the lives of people when they make the decision that they want to follow God and keep His commandments are miracles and hearing about the blessings that come into their lives as they choose to leave their old lives behind, addictions, fears, doubts… When they start to forgive themselves and feel God’s forgiveness… This is truly the work of the Lord, the work of Salvation. 

I don’t know how it will be after the mission, but I will continue in the service of my fellow beings, in the service of my God.  I love all of you and hope that all have a good week.

Elder Clay

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