Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My new kid, Prayers for investigators

                                                 My new kid!

                                    Hermana Johnson went to Viewmont with me

Friends and Family,

This week went by really fast and it was a really good one!  Tuesday I went up to Concepcion to pick up my “kid” and get some capacitation.  I had a bunch of friends up there who were training also so we had a lot of fun together. The room where we got our new companions brought back so many memories into my mind about how nervous I was and then getting Elder Casperson as my trainer and everything that followed.  Except this time, I was on the other side of it.  As I stood up in front of everyone, introducing myself, President Bluth said the name of my companion, “Elder Gordillo”!  My “son” in the mission is the best haha. 

Elder Gordillo is from Mexico and is 24 years old.  He is a very good guy with good intentions and is very humble.  We get along very well and I pass the day laughing because he’s so funny.  He speaks English pretty well and I’m helping him with that.  Something that is really funny that will help you guys understand a bit more about Chileans and how they talk is, constantly during the day my comp has to ask me what the person or people say because he doesn’t understand them.  My comp speaks Spanish, it’s just that the people here speak Chilean haha.  It’s so funny because he gets so confused why the people here speak so fast and drop letters off of the end of words.  It’s not as drastic as having a gringo kid, but as well, I have to help my son learn the language.

C and D did not get baptized this past weekend because C felt like he was not prepared enough but we have had some really good and spiritual lessons with them and they know that they are going to get baptized they just need a confirmation on when they are going to do it.  We are hoping for some time within this month, so if you all could keep them in your prayers, that would be awesome.  I have done pre-interviews for the baptism and they are both SO ready!

I am now living with a kid named Elder Inman, who is from my group and we actually sat next to each other on the plane when we left from Utah! He is from Kaysville and is hilarious.  We get along very well and this transfer should be a good one! 

Other than that, there is nothing really new going on, my ankle occasionally pains and swells but I have a brace now that I’m always wearing so it should be good. 

Book of Mormon chapter of the week, Alma 5.  Absolutely love it and the inspired questions that are asked.  I hope everything is going well back home, about 4 more months left. Love and miss you all. 
Elder Clay

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