Monday, February 8, 2016

A Wedding and A Kid!


Sorry for not writing the past couple of weeks, every P-day that I had had something  happened that prevented me from having time to write a blog letter. 

Remember the family of C and D who we have been working with for a long time?  Well last week on P-day they invited us to a little picnic and told us some big news, that they are going to get married!  We have been working so hard with them and doing everything we can and now it’s happening!  They have seen a lot of opposition from family and friends and other things but they have been strong and continued on.  Thank you to everyone who have included them in your prayers, I know that they have helped.  

The next day we went to the place where you have to go to put a date to be married and they told us that the closest date was March 20, but after some convincing and a miracle, we had a lady who helped us get it for the 8th today! So they will be getting married today and then they have plans to get baptized this weekend, the whole family!  It has been a crazy order of events but I know that God has been blessing us and them so that they can receive the fullness of the restored Gospel in their lives.  I ask you all to please include them in your prayers this week so that they can stay strong and overcome the opposition.  I have seen many miracles these past few weeks and I know that God has been our support.  Next week I will tell you how everything went and how they are doing!

The other big thing that is happening today is that we have transfers!  Elder Tornero my companion is leaving and I am going to be training!  I’m finally going to be a papa in the mission and I will be going up to Concepcion tomorrow to find out and meet my kid!  I’m really excited and grateful for the opportunity that I am going to have!

I wrote most of this email in the morning but I just got out of the marriage of C and D and everything went amazing!  I feel like I was more nervous that they were haha, but they are married now!  I was one of the witnesses for their wedding and Elder Lee was the other.  I think it’s the first wedding in Chile that has had a gringo and an Asian as the two witnesses hahahah. 

I’m so excited and content right now.  This gospel changes lives.  I will let you guys know more about their baptism and my kid next week!  Have a good week, love you all!

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