Monday, February 29, 2016

Testimony of Elder Clay

Family and Friends,

This past week went faster than the last!  It’s because we had a lot of events that we had to go to, but it was a really good week!  It all started with a transmission of an amazing capacitation from Elder Bednar for the Area South American South which includes Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.  He talked a lot about the spirit and how he is the real teacher.  The way that Elder Bednar communicates with people and how he works with and acts with the crowd is so impressive.  He also talked about our personal progress as missionaries and how our personal conversion is the most important thing we can do on the mission.  I can honestly say that I have achieved personal conversion on this mission and my life has been changed.  As Elder Bednar ended the capacitation, he left us with his testimony, and let me tell you guys that was the strongest testimony that I have heard given and my testimony of him as one of the twelve apostles and the truthfulness of that was confirmed.  There is nothing else besides the power of God that could make him be able to talk and testify with such great authority and clarity that reached the hearts of those participating.  It was a very special meeting and the influence of the Holy Ghost was present. 

As well, this week I was able to do some more baptism interview for INCREDIBLE people who have received some incredible answers to their prayers.  For some reason or another lately I have been seeing so many miracles in the missionary work.  I know that they come from God and I glorify Him.  Answers and blessings that are happening here in the Zone of Lebu are all backed up with the hand work and obedience from all of the missionaries and investigators and I know that those are the works of the faith which enables God to work with us.  I do not always know how the Lord works or when, but I do know that it comes in His time in His way.

For this weekend we are planning on having five baptisms!  C and his family and also the two kids from the M family!  It has been quite the adventure working with all of them and after a lot of time and stress and set-backs, there were times when we almost gave up.  But there was always something that told me to keep working with them and to have patience and now, we are going to be able to see the fruits of our labor.  They are really excited and five more people are going to enter in to the fold of the God.

I want to end thanking you all for the love and support that you all have shown me since I’ve been on this mission.  It has not been easy or even really fun at times, but it has been amazing to dedicate 100% of my time to the service of my fellow beings and my God.  And I will stay in this service until the Lord says the work is finished.  I testify to you all that this is the work of Jesus Christ and this is his true church.  Seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.  I testify of the love that God and Jesus Christ have for us and that true happiness comes from obedience to them.  I love and miss all of you, you will be in my prayers.

Elder Clay

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